Interesting people take great trips.

A Passport Map puts that trip up on the wall for you to enjoy and rest of the world to see.

This is YOUR travel story, shown on a beautiful map.

Each Passport Map Includes:

~ A custom Legend detailing the unique memories you want to remember ~

~ Your best photos, edited and tweaked to look their best ~

~ A beautiful background map customized to your exact trip ~

~ Numbered and labeled Points on the map of the places that are meaningful to you ~

~ A Title and Sub-Title of your choice ~

~ Travel route lines (if applicable) ~

~ $129 ~



~ All maps are printed on 13 x 19 high quality paper using a professional grade production printer, rolled & shipped within days ~

~ Framing instructions and direct web links to online frame providers allow for you to easily get the perfectly sized frame ~

~ Gift Certificates are available, both in Hard Copies and Email formats ~


  A Passport Map IS NOT for:
  • Someone who goes to the same all inclusive resort in Aruba every year
  • Someone who has been everywhere twice
  • Someone who thinks they will eventually visit every country someday
  • Anyone with art on their walls that doesn't inspire them
  • Someone who says "Why not just use Google Maps?"
  A Passport Map IS TOTALLY for:
  • People who have taken the trip of a lifetime and treasure the memory
  • People who appreciate their trip as a milestone in their life
  • People who live to travel and feel lucky when they're doing it
  • Thoughtful people who like art
  • People who appreciate the opportunity they had to travel this wonderful planet
  • People who like unique art that speaks to them
  • People who are willing to take the time to do something right

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