Summer Beach Guide to Portugal

A simple map I made to accompany a blog post about Summer Hot Spots in Portugal for!Summer-Beach-Guide-to-Portugal/c1cwz/5582ef440cf288ee3f0e037a

My First Foray into Genealogical Maps

Above is my first trip into the Genealogy realm. In this map, we are showing the small towns in Prussia (modern day Germany and Poland) from which our subject’s family emigrated out of Europe.  Mapping out people’s lineage seems like fun. Hope to make more soon!

La Tour De Vermont

Size doesn’t matter – we do it all.  From small web clips to Wall Sized monsters, we’ve got it covered.  This map above is a designed to be 4 feet tall by 3 feet across.  It details a 7-Day Epic Bike Tour in the Green Mountain State.  

The National Pastime

With my beloved Red Sox mired in last place, baseball is a drag these days.  Time to think bigger.  Here is a map I made showing all the Baseball Stadiums and the ones I’ve been to in my days.  Got some work to do.