About the MapMaker

Hello Fellow Traveler,

In 1992, I studied abroad in London and traveled a bit through Europe. It was a trip that was remarkable in every way. Fast forward ten years and I had come to realize that the experience was life changing and remarkable. I had also gained enough wisdom to know that this trip would be one of the highlights of my life story. I'd never get back to Europe on a 3 Month trip and view the world through my 21 year eyes. Sadly, I had forgotten so many details about all the wonderful places I'd been. I was left with scattered, fading memories that were central to who I had become. Around that time, I had become skilled in making maps as part of my career and decided to map out my trip to document what I could remember. Here it is to the right:

Immediately I knew this was more than just a tool to document information. This was art that spoke to me. Art that I wanted to see regularly to remind me of that time. It needed to be in a frame and on my wall, both to remind me of my travels and to let others know about my journeys. Yes it was awesome and yes I want to talk about it and yes I want to hear about your trips as well.

Fast forward to today and the development of website technology and advances in mapping software now allow me to gather information online and create maps for anyone. Travel adventures are the milestones of our lives and a memorable trip defines who we are. You are the HERO in the Story of Your Life. With your story and my map-making skills, we can create a special piece of art for you. Let's do this!


Bridgewater, MA


I'm always happy to chat about your potential map with you. Give me a call if you have questions or you'd like to discuss the particulars.
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And here is a TEDx talk I did in February 2016 about the Transformative Nature of Travel. It features some of my amazing customers travel stories and maps! Check it out below:


The Transformative Nature of Intentional Travel