Custom Maps of the Travel Tours You Provide

Tour Providers are experts on providing wonderful experiences to travelers. As such, I am always on the lookout for quality Travel Tour Providers with which to partner and I hope you will consider working with me. To the right is a sample Passport Map:

My usual arrangement is as follows:

  1. I create a beautiful basemap of a Tour that you have set up
  2. Upon return, the customer is directed to a simple website form where they upload their memories and trip pictures.
  3. I create a draft map and send it to them via PDF for their approval
  4. The customer purchases the map, currently Tour pricing is set at $49 for an unframed map
  5. I print the map on high quality 13x19 stock with a professional printer and ship it off directly to them within days

An added benefit is that the Passport Map I produce will have your logo on it, providing a valuable marketing function for your company. 

Your responsibilities are minimal:

  1. Provide me information on the Tour, like the route and the stops, so I can create a beautiful and accurate basemap
  2. Upon their return home, notify your customers that you've partnered with Passport Maps and that we've set up a custom template for them if they want to create their own Passport Map

Another option is that you provide a Passport Map Gift Certificate of their trip as a Thank You Gift and I bill you directly.

If you like, I am happy to mail you a demo map so you can see exactly the quality and finish that your customer will get. For more questions, give me a call at 617-580-2611 or email me at Thank you for your time.

Scott Lussier